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5 Healthy Lifestyle Tips To Follow During Covid-19 Pandemic

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5 Healthy Lifestyle Tips To Follow During Covid-19 Pandemic


The Covid-19 pandemic has taken a toll on our lives. As most of us are confined indoors, it has changed our everyday routine and majorly affected our physical as well as mental health. Managing weight has proved to be a major challenge for most of us due to reduced physical activity. Apart from that, a constantly stressful environment has affected our mental health too.

But we can still take care of ourselves and follow simple healthy lifestyle tips mentioned below that can help us manage our weight as well as mental stress.

Follow These Healthy Lifestyle Tips During Covid-19 Pandemic:

At least 30 Mins of Exercise:

Make it a habit to give at least 30 mins of your day to some physical activity that could be in the form of some exercise or yoga. Lack of physical activity can result in weight gain and also cause respiratory problems which is a major risk in Covid-19. So, keep yourself active even while indoors. You don’t need to have a dedicated gym for doing some physical activity. You could just try skipping, floor exercises, sit-ups or some yoga.

Avoid Smoking:

Covid-19 is a disease that causes respiratory problems. Needless to mention, smoking should be absolutely avoided so you can keep your lungs healthy. Smoking deteriorates the lungs and if your lungs are compromised then the disease can prove to be fatal.

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Avoid Alcohol:

Alcohol is known to make the immune system weaker. Your immune system helps in fighting harmful bacteria, viruses and other foreign bodies. If your immune system is not working well then, the virus may spread infection in your body quite easily. So, avoid alcohol to keep your immune system healthy.

Eat Healthy:

Healthy food and a nutritious diet can boost your immune system and help you fight the disease. So, it is important to have healthy food with a balance of protein, carbohydrates, fat, vitamins and minerals to keep our immune system healthy.

Try to include a healthy amount of protein in your food. This could be done by adding eggs, chicken, paneer etc. to your diet. Also add Omega-3 fat to your diet which can be found in fish, nuts and seeds, tofu etc. Include whole grains for carbohydrates and fibre-rich fresh fruits and vegetables.

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Manage Mental Stress:

It is not safe anymore to meet people and have a good time. You can barely spend time with your friends or go out together which creates a feeling of loneliness. This can increase stress and anxiety in most people. Also, the numerous news reports coming in regularly related to the pandemic can bring negative emotions and fear in us. So, it is necessary that along with your physical health you take care of your mental health just as much.

Spend some time to take deep breaths and practice some meditation to calm your senses. Get a good sleep of at least 8 hours every day.

The current situation has also increased our screen time as most of us are working from home. Even after work there is nowhere to go so we end up watching some show on the TV, computer or phone or end up spending time on social media. So, take some time out from the screen and relax frequently. Give your eyes a break from time to time.

Follow these simple steps to manage your health and lifestyle during the pandemic. Most importantly, keep yourself safe and follow all the precautions like hand-washing and social distance. Make the most of this time by doing some creative activities if you can or by learning a new skill. 

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