Benefits of Drinking Water for Weight Loss – Dietician Priyatama

Benefits of Drinking Water for Weight Loss

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Benefits of Drinking Water for Weight Loss

Benefits of Drinking Water

There are several benefits of drinking water. One of these includes weight loss. Water does assist your body in reducing all those hard to lose calories. 

Just so you know how essential water is for the body, remember that the human body is made up of 70% of water. This means water is required for almost every bodily function, that is from digesting food to burning calories.

Science has proven that water helps you lose weight in various ways. It boosts your metabolism, suppresses your appetite and makes it easier for you to exercise. All of these factors work together in helping your body to lose weight.

Staying hydrated is one of the first steps you should be taking on your journey towards weight loss. Here are 6 reasons why water is important in losing weight from Dietician Priyatama Srivastava – the best dietician in Gurgaon and Delhi NCR.

Reasons Why Drinking More Water Can Help You Lose Weight:

#1 – Drinking Water Increases Your Metabolism:

Research has shown that drinking more water helps in increasing the metabolism of your body. Metabolism is the process by which your body converts food into energy. As you drink more water, the body starts to utilize more resting energy – the energy used by the body when not performing any physical activity. The body also uses energy in regulating the body temperature after drinking water. This boosts metabolism further. This can lead to modest weight loss through water in regular practice.

#2 – Water Helps Suppress Your Appetite:

When you’re dehydrated, the brain usually starts confusing it with hunger and it stimulates you to find food. So eating is not always the right thing to do. Sometimes you could be low in water and not calories and this can be addressed by drinking water. This eventually decreases your appetite. 

As water passes easily through the system and reaches the stomach faster, it stretches the stomach and signals the brain to tell that you’re now full. This can help you decrease your food intake. Studies have found that drinking two glasses of water immediately before having a meal makes you eat less as your brain is already led into thinking that you’re not hungry.

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#3 – Drinking Water Helps Remove Waste From The Body:

Drinking Water for Weight Loss

Consumption of water helps the body in moving things along in the system. It helps in the production of urine which is also a way for your body to remove toxins and waste. Water keeps stools soft, so the more hydrated you are the less likely it is for you to suffer from constipation or bloating. 

Water also flushes the kidneys, removes the bacteria and prevents the formation of kidney stones.

#4 – Drinking Water Reduces Your Liquid Calorie Intake:

Water contains no calories and is a good alternative to soft drinks that you might consume frequently. Soft drinks such as juice, soda or other beverages contain calories that can be avoided by choosing water over other sugary beverages.

The small amounts of calories that you save this way every day can add up significantly in the long run.

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#5 – Water Helps You in Exercise:

Water helps you in exercise

Staying hydrated during a workout helps keep the joints lubricated and prevents muscle cramps. This means you can exercise for a longer period. The body loses water faster in the form of perspiration when you’re working out to regulate the body temperature. Dehydration can lead to exhaustion and fatigue very soon. So it is important to maintain the water level in the body so you can increase your workout duration and burn more calories without feeling tired.

Dehydration during working out also causes the body to break down protein faster and builds muscles more slowly. So, it takes much longer for you to see the benefits of a workout. This is why it is important to stay hydrated before and during workouts.

#6 – Water Reduces Stress and Keeps You Motivated:

Dehydration causes fatigue and dizziness and keeps your body feeling tired throughout the day. Your alertness levels are reduced and decision making is seriously compromised.

But if you look beyond these large symptoms you will also find that lower levels of motivation can keep you from gearing up for the exercise session and you may put it off until another day. Being very tired can also mean you lack the urge to cook at home and make unhealthy food choices. The side effects of dehydration are numerous.

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Other Benefits of Drinking Water:

Apart from helping you to lose weight, water also keeps your body healthy in other ways

  • Water keeps your skin glowing and bright
  • Water regulates your blood pressure
  • Water keeps your brain healthy and boots brainpower

Water plays an important role in our body and we need it to keep our bodily functions normal. Water also helps in weight loss. For more information on how to make the most of your diet book an appointment in our Nutri Diet Clinic – Go Moringa.

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