Effective Tips and Diet Plan to Lose Weight After Pregnancy from a Certified Dietician – Dietician Priyatama

Effective Tips and Diet Plan to Lose Weight After Pregnancy from a Certified Dietician

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Effective Tips and Diet Plan to Lose Weight After Pregnancy from a Certified Dietician

Diet Plan To Lose Weight After Pregnancy

It is very difficult and challenging for every new mother to achieve pre-birth weight. And it’s a very strange combination of feeling, where, on the one hand, you’re happy with the warm and gentle arrival of newborns, and on the other hand, you’re stressed out with all the emotional and hormonal changes in your body. On top of that, there’s one big question – how are you going to lose the weight you’ve put on in the last nine months? This question becomes even more stressful in a situation where you are all busy taking care of a newborn, adjusting to a new routine and recovering from pregnancy and labour.

Women who are new to being mothers are often overwhelmed by unimaginable weight loss processes after pregnancy. They feel it’s a non-achievable goal, and they’re the only ones to suffer from it. But, honestly, most mothers have been going through a postpartum weight gain. So take relief, you’re not the only one. If you’re struggling to lose that extra weight after pregnancy, try these tips and tricks from a professional dietitian. This Diet Plan has given proven results to many women, and hopefully, if you follow this up, you’ll get the same results in no time.

Why is losing post-pregnancy weight so important?

Holding on to the post-pregnancy weight can lead to significant health effects down the line, it just like putting yourself at risk for medical diseases such as heart disease and diabetes. Losing weight is not only important for mothers but that extra weight will affect negatively on your baby too. And if you’re planning for any other future pregnancy with a high weight you can risk medical complications, such as gestational diabetes and hypertension, to both the mother and the new baby.

Up to 6 to 12 months after delivery you should expect to return to the pre-pregnancy weight. In 6 weeks after birth (postpartum), most women lose half of their baby’s weight. The remaining will usually happen in the next few months. Nonetheless, it is important that after the delivery you come back to a healthier weight, especially if you are planning for future pregnancy again.

Is it possible to lose post-pregnancy weight?

New mothers are often desperate to get back to their pre-pregnancy weight and are confused about the weight they gain during and after pregnancy. The weight gain after pregnancy is extremely natural and should never be disappointed or ashamed. The weight will eventually go the same way you put it naturally. All you need to do is practice some good lifestyle habits and understand the rhythm of your body. You need to develop a positive mentality and trust your efforts in every kind of weight loss. During pregnancy, most women gain 5-18 kg. And then, when the baby comes, women are left to figure out how to juggle the maternity and the pressure of returning back to a healthy weight.

If you have any ongoing medications or are advised to go on any specific medication after your start your diet plan, make sure to talk to your dietician about it. Medications can affect your body in unexpected ways and slow down the effect of your diet, so a dietician will understand that and change your diet accordingly.

If you are motivated to lose weight, you need to follow the diet for weight loss, consume the food that benefits you and your baby, but also take into account to follow only prescribed diets and avoid crash weight loss diet from an unreliable source.

As taking harsh steps to lose weight if it affects your health and your child’s health, remember that the baby still depends on you for food. It takes time to lose weight after birth, but that can be done. If you focus on eating a healthy diet and include any form of physical activity in your daily routine, you will be able to see results over time.

Why do you gain Post pregnancy weight?

There are several factors that result in post-pregnancy weight gain and this is very normal. It takes a lot of energy to be through growing a baby inside yourself and giving the baby all that care and love for 9 months. So our appetite increases when we’re pregnant, and the major factor is the HCG pregnancy hormone. These hormones are coming into our blood from the placenta. It regulates the digestion, metabolism, energy and nutrition of our fetus.

Because of this phenomenon, we begin to eat for two, for a while we may not show any excess weight gain in our body appearance. As all excess fat and energy are derived from the food we eat, it is directed to our baby first, and then to us. In fact, it is recommended that women should gain a few extra kilograms during pregnancy compared to their pre-pregnancy weight to ensure a healthy nutritional stay of the child. But in all this nurturing process, the extra weight we gain to ensure the baby’s health stays with us, even after childbirth.

Besides all this, new mothers have to deal with the stress of caring for the newborn child, which ultimately becomes light anguish and a life-style change. Stress-induced by a new mom while adapting to a new situation results in cortisol hormone being released into her body. Cortisol increases their appetite and promotes lower abdominal fat accumulation. Most mothers have postpartum depression after birth that continues to “eat when they are stressed,” which contributes to more weight gain.

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Tips and Tricks to Lose Post-Pregnancy Weight:

If you ‘re ready to throw your maternity clothes away and desperate to fit into your old jeans then you’re the same as other new mothers. But there’s a difference between a smart way and a stupid way to achieve your goal. You have to understand the smart way to get rid of that extra weight with a healthy and safe way for you and your child. Here are some simple and easy to use tips to retain a healthy weight.

#1 – Drink Plenty Of Water:

Drink Plenty Of Water

This allows you to control your appetite by making you feel full most of the day along. And also helps in improving your metabolism.

#2 – Don’t Crash Diet:

Harsh diets or low-calorie diets are not recommended particularly for women who are breastfeeding. In general reducing calories step by step will result in 0.5 kg weight loss per week.

#3 – Breastfeed:

There are many benefits of breastfeeding for mom and baby. It can make weight loss more difficult in the first three months postpartum, but breastfeeding will help you lose weight after three months.

#4 – Get Enough Sleep:

Poor Sleep can have a negative effect on your efforts to lose weight. Although getting quality sleep with a newborn is quite difficult especially when you have less helping hands, but still, try to get as much sleep as you can.

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Post Pregnancy Diet Plan:

It’s important to have realistic goals when it comes to weight loss. In magazines, reading about an actress who’s back to her zero sizes just a few weeks after her pregnancy doesn’t mean that you should aim for the same thing. You need to realize that they’ve got a lot of help and an expert to make that happen. For a normal person like you and me to lose that much weight in one go isn’t healthy at all.

You should aspire to slowly and successfully reduce your weight with a healthy diet for weight loss after pregnancy. Women need to keep their regular body functions between 1500-2200 calories a day. You should eat at least 1800 calories when breastfeeding, to ensure proper nutrition of you and your body.

After pregnancy, you don’t want to lose weight very quickly, you just need to lose about 0.5 kg per week to retain your pre-pregnancy weight. If you lose too much weight after pregnancy, your body can produce chemicals in your blood that can contaminate your breast milk, which can cause serious harm to your baby. Start cutting off 500 calories a day in your diet if you’re looking for weight loss and trying to eat the absolute minimum calorie. Will definitely not suggest to cut down on food, you can either divide the food into a small portion to eat during the day or increase your exercise.

Here are a few nutrients food advice from an expert:

#1 – Eat Foods High in Fiber:

Soluble fibre can contribute to weight loss by reducing the feeling of hunger and controlling appetite hormone levels.

#2 – Include Healthy Proteins in Meal:

Sources of Healthy Proteins

Protein promotes weight loss by pumping up your metabolism. Protein has a higher thermal overall impact than any other nutrients. This causes the body to use more energy to digest it than other types of food, resulting in more calories being burned.

#3 – Have Healthy Snacks:

Keep nutritious options like fruit, vegetables, nuts and yogurt at home and easily available. And try to store unhealthy food out of sight so it won’t tempt you at times of hunger.

#4 – Avoid Added Sugar and Refined Carbs:

Added sugars and refined carbs are high in calories, have very little nutrient value and contribute to many health and fitness diseases, such as diabetes and heart disease. Try to opt for whole food to avoid this.

#5 – Avoid Highly Processed Foods:

Processed foods are higher in added sugars, fats, salts and calories and are harmful to your health. Start replacing it with fresh, whole foods.

Gaining back to a healthy range of weights is good for health and to any future pregnancy. Getting to a healthy weight is important, but it should not be a cause of stress or anxiety. If you feel that you’re struggling to cope up, ask your family, friends or any certified dietitian for help.

A customized diet that suits you and your lifestyle can help you stay healthy in a stress-free way. And don’t worry, we won’t just leave with just a diet plan. Our all-time one-to-one guidance will help you stay motivated towards your goals and bring back your pre-pregnancy healthy weight. Being healthy will allow you to cherish your baby’s time and more than any other you will be able to enjoy being the new mom.

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