The complete guide for choosing healthy seasonal and exotic vegetables – Dietician Priyatama

The complete guide for choosing healthy seasonal and exotic vegetables

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The complete guide for choosing healthy seasonal and exotic vegetables

The complete guide for choosing healthy seasonal and exotic vegetables

There are many instances where the compulsion of having exotic fruits and vegetables is often brought into the picture of a healthy or weight sustaining diet. However, there are quite a few myths about the same that only increase the hype around these exotic fruits and vegetables. While both seasonal and exotic fruits have their own share of vitamins, minerals and nutrients, it is no compulsion to have exotic fruits only as a part of your healthy diet.

Seasonal fruits and vegetables are often grown and sourced locally and come with the change in seasons for a short period of time while exotic fruits and veggies are hybrid, grown selectively and their cost of production is more than seasonal or local fruits and vegetables as a result of which they are a tad bit higher in price range than the former category.

Exotic or Seasonal Vegetables – What to choose?

We as a generation have become more health-conscious lately but it isn’t fair to fall prey to international diets considering there are a lot of factors subject to change due to location changes. Here is a seasonal and exotic fruits and veggies guide that will help you make a cleverly conscious choice, by Dietician Priyatama Srivastava – the best dietician in Gurgaon and Delhi NCR.

The advantage that a locally sourced and grown fruit or vegetable brings to your platter is the fact that it can reach you easily and quickly. Be it Apples in winter or watermelon in summers, you can get seasonal fruits and veggies easier than ordering exotic ones, plus Local fruits also boost our immunity as they are rich in enzymes and photo nutrients imbibed from local soil, air, and water. These nutrients help us to fight against local infections.

Exotic fruits and veggies are comparatively higher in pricing than seasonal ones. Thus, eating seasonal fruits and veggies is better for the health as well as for the pocket. When fruits and veggies are local and seasonal the production cost and the cost of transportation tend to be lower which in turn makes the price of the final products nominal as well.

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Sometimes one can’t help but notice how exotic fruits and veggies aren’t all that fresh as seasonal fruits and veggies are. It is because exotic fruits and veggies are kept in cold storage as they cannot sustain in a climate like ours. While seasonal fruits and veggies are accustomed to our climate and are fresh at all times.

This doesn’t mean exotic fruits and veggies are not to be had at all. When you use a combination of both sometimes, you get a variety in your kitchen and your diet. Your diet also opens up to creativity in terms of smoothies and healthy recipes you haven’t tried before. It will also give your body that extra rush of nutrients and vitamin goodness.

Both exotic and local fruits and veggies are loaded with nutrients that improve overall health and boost immunity as well. Include more seasonal and local fruits and veggies in your diet but remember there’s no harm in trying exotic fruits once in a while for variety and change. The most health-oriented decisions are to be taken wisely monetarily and in terms of your diet. Choose wise, live healthy!

Dietician Priyatama Srivastava is a certified dietician operating from Gurgaon with a clientele that is spread across India. Through her unparalleled experience in diets, she has helped many patients achieve a healthy lifestyle through her customised diet plans for various diseases. She takes extreme care to understand the existing medical conditions of her patients and accordingly provides guidance and diet plans for the best results in the shortest duration. She also takes pride in making sure every reader is introduced to new information about their diet and how to choose healthy for their body even if it is as basic as the fruits and veggies that they put on their platter.

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