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Make a Promise of Fitness This Raksha Bandhan

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Make a Promise of Fitness This Raksha Bandhan

Yes, it’s that time of the year again! Festivity is around the corner and the joy of any celebration begins with celebrating relationships, bonds of beliefs and trust, making beautiful vows, and rejoicing at the deep-rooted affection. The festival of Raksha Bandhan, celebrating brotherhood, is always filled with memorable times with our siblings. We all have that one sibling disguised as a ‘secret keeper’. And neither of us in our minds would risk saying the untold truths to anyone in a family, but this sibling.

Beloved sisters tie ‘rakhi’ on the wrists of brothers, following rituals out of love and protection; and thus exchanging a sign of care and good wishes. Tying a rakhi symbolises a saying to hold each other throughout life, protecting each other from trivial to dreadful dangers. 

With a variety of sweets stacked, and brotherly bonds brimming with love, there are many reasons for which we must celebrate the festival before it even starts. And our Raksha Bandhan present for all this time is to get stocked up with the vows of fitness. Here are a few ways suggested by the top Dietitian in Gurugram that can indeed help the most for all the siblings out there on this special and significant day. 

  • Work Out Together

Besides eating well, exercise is something which keeps everyone fit. But, if we don’t eat well, it won’t help us in getting fit. So, a promise to Work Out Together, or at least encourage each other to do some kind of physical activity at least four times a week is the best thing, to begin with even before the festival begins. Spend 30–45 minutes working out daily to increase stamina, and strengthen muscles, and flexibility. By doing so, we burn more calories and keep our body weight under control. Choose from a range of activities that includes brisk walks, bicycle rides, or a workout at home. Consult a top Dietitian if still nothing works. Isn’t it a good cause for us to do better together?

  • Gym Membership As A Thoughtful Rakhi Gift 

A gym membership for a year can be an awesome “Thank You” gift for this occasion. Gift siblings, a subscription package at their favorite gym, and bring to light the value of the importance of staying healthy. By considering this as a gift, it will help your sibling always to be on the move and, pat yourself for saving their money as well. The membership is not merely a gift, but a kind gesture of expressing your love to your sibling which in turn will make them love you more. It is wisely said that health is wealth, and this gift will help your siblings to understand how essential it is to be healthy and fit.

  • Say No To Empty Calories 

Foods that are sweet and full of sugar are very appealing: but sadly, they only provide calories and no nutrition. Such foods as a matter of fact make us feel good and elevate our mood, but are quite bad for health and fitness. Our body stores all the extra calories we eat as fat; which in turn affects our body in many ways. So, if we give in to our cravings, and intake unhealthy foods, they only will worsen over time. Also, having too much fat in our body is bad for our heart, and results in high cholesterol, and blood pressure. So, instead of these empty calories, eat foods that are full of nutrients and build a healthy body.

  • Don’t Eat Oily Foods

Even though greasy foods and comfort foods sound good, especially on holidays, they probably won’t keep our sibling(s) from getting sick. In fact, they make us gain extra pounds that are hard to get rid of. If you want to eat some heavy snacks and meals later in the day, start the day with a healthy meal. And this golden rule is not just for Raksha Bandhan but applies to any day that wishes a transformation. Dietitian will suggest this to follow every day. Make sure our meals are full of protein, carbs, and fiber. This keeps our metabolism going and ensures our body gets everything it needs.

  • Don’t Eat Snacks That Are Processed

Everyone eats small meals and snacks during the day, which is fine unless we eat a lot of processed foods. But it is advisable to stay away from items such as potato chips, soft drinks, pizza, burgers, momos, etc., and still eat snacks. Even though it sounds complicated, and it is, a start somewhere is very much needed. 


Besides all these reasons, having a healthy side every day and every time is a wonderful promise one could gift to brothers and sisters. Try them out; your brother or sister will smile a little wider and reciprocate your love in beautiful ways. Praise the lord and his creations, take good care of the gift of health that has been given by him and keep on protecting your loved ones from every possible damage. Remember, if health is lost, everything follows it!

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